Top Brand Candles—All Natural and Handmade. For All Occasions.

The Andrea Schroder top selling collection of brand candles are the best, all natural candles for daily occasions, times of relaxation, to elevate moods, or to mark very special events. And, of course, they are perfect for romance interludes. Each of our candles is handmade with care and skill. The non toxic, natural ingredients and specially-crafted wicks create a perfectly clean burning candle. Our glassware candles make an attractive object d'art unto themselves in your rooms, spreading the light and scent beautifully. They are perfect to buy as gifts (or as candles in gift boxes), and are affordable. If you’re looking for candles with messages, please enjoy the beauty and inspiration of our message candles. Purchase our candles online here, and remember we offer boxed sets of gift candles. Wholesale or bulk candles also for sale.