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Vanilla Teak 10.5 oz Candle
Our Price: $35.00
Sale Price: 30.00
Savings: $5.00

Handmade, quality coconut oil wax candles: pure, non chemical illumination.

You already know paraffin candles are toxic for you, your family and pets. Soy candles are available, but coconut wax is better than soy for candles. In our AS candle collection we use cold-pressed coconut oil that is naturally transformed into coconut wax. Our coconut wax candles are hand crafted from this specially formulated wax. It has taken years to bring this delicate process to the perfection we sought. The result are candles that have many benefits including pure ingredients, are long burning, paraffin free, non toxic to humans and pets, and eco friendly. These candles burn the cleanest of all candle mediums, including those made from soy wax. Their delightful, tactile feel of creaminess is finely sensual. And they are that beautiful natural coconut meat white color. Fragrances are captured evenly and potently in this wax. In sum, there are numerous great benefits available to you from coconut wax for all your candle buying needs. For vegans, these are the best, ideal candle choice for sale. Wholesale or bulk to buy also. Shop and purchase online here.